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DropLoads Innovates the Shipping Industry with Same-Day Consumer Shipping and Receiving

DropLoads is innovating the shipping industry with its same day, inner-city contactless shipping service

The DropLoads mobile application provides consumers with same-day inner city shipping for anything from small envelopes to oversized freight. Consumers can book their shipping on the DropLoads application and track it via its Geolocation tag, which gets placed on the parcel at the point of pickup.

DropLoads premium instant shipping services have solved an escalating problem of lost, late, and damaged shipments. Via the DropLoads mobile application, consumers can send any size goods – small envelopes, storage units and even oversized freight, and receive it the same day.

COVID-19 led to an increased volume of online shopping. Unfortunately, the demand for shipments has overwhelmed even the biggest names in the shipping industry. In a statement, the USPS says it is still “experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19.” Further, an NPR report called “There’s No End in Sight” delves into the number of late packages and high rates of customer angst between 2020 and 2021.

The DropLoads mobile application changes the narrative by allowing consumers to take control of their shipments. Using DropLoads to ship and receive eliminates the need for pesky tracking numbers, prevents late shipments, and improves quality control. Via the mobile app, consumers can receive same-day instant shipping to any residence or commercial address located within 50 miles.

Consumers request a pickup via the app, and a DropLoader dispatches to retrieve the order. Upon arrival, the DropLoader will bag the item(s) and tag it with the DropLoads Geolocation device. At that point, the consumer can track their goods until it arrives in real-time. The consumer will receive an update and a picture of the point-of-delivery on the app once shipping is complete.

The DropLoads app is ideal for personal and small business use. Contactless pickup and drop-off are available across the northeastern seaboard in the contiguous United States. Expansion into the southern and western regions continues vigorously.

Customers are abuzz about the ease and convenience of the DropLoads mobile application. “My daughter’s prom was happening, and as she rushed out, she left her crown at home. I quickly ordered DropLoads for instant pickup, and the crown arrived safely at the venue even before she and her friends did. DropLoads is amazing!” says one satisfied consumer.

This is like the Grub Hub of shipping!” says another. “I was interviewing out of town and didn’t have time to check my oversized bag without the risk of missing my flight. I chose DropLoads to get my bag home so I could make my flight in time. My wife received my bag while I was in the air, and I got the job. Thanks, DropLoads!”

Creator and Founder of The Simmons Group, VC, states: “As we embrace the new definition of normal, we’re propelling industries forward via advanced technology, implementing innovative ways to do business during difficult times.”

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