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Safety Mask

Safety & Commitment

Droploads is actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is continually working to help keep those who ship or deliver to you informed of safety protocols and to observe local laws.

COVID-19 Notice


Droploads proprietary technology ensures the driver is wearing a mask.  The shipper will not be allowed to make a delivery if they have not confirmed that they are wearing a mask and observing Droploads delivery policies and state and local guidelines. After we verify the driver is covering their face, our technology will allow them to deliver.


Supplies for Delivery People

Droploads is committed to the safety of all of our partners.  Each shipper has our Droploads shipping bag.  This unique feature keeps your package locked and sealed until it reaches its destination.

As the world continues to adapt to the “new normal,” we will come up with new safer innovative methods to make sure you continue to get the same Droploads service.

Safety Mask
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